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Kristine J Bettencourt

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Located in Cochrane Alberta

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Meet Kristine

Moving is not easy. This is something Kristine Bettencourt understands on a personal level.

After years of helping families discover their perfect home as a realtor and general contracting business co-owner in Manitoba, Kristine and her family decided to make their own big move to Alberta. Empathizing with her clients is something that Kristine not only excels at, but values. “I love helping people tackle the process of selling and finding a home, but I especially love understanding how to relieve the stress that is involved in moving. I have bought, sold, and renovated my own homes and my client’s. I understand what it is like to move, but also how to navigate that process with a family.”

Kristine combines her personal experiences, professional realtor education, and 10+ years of knowledge in the renovation industry to provide a well-rounded, honest approach to real estate.. “I am a very honest person, and I give my clients a raw and forthright analysis of each house I tour, whether they are selling or buying”. Kristine works tirelessly for her clients to fill in any information gaps they may have when it comes to buying and/or selling, and create the best possible scenario for their successful transaction. “I’m a mom! I get things done!”

“My favourite clients have always been the ones who have been traditionally marginalized within Real Estate: elderly folks, individuals with disabilities, clients who house-hunt with kids hanging off their limbs. I feel honoured to be entrusted with helping them on their home journey.”

Kristine is ready to help you and your family have a new type of real estate experience. “I keep your interests at heart, because nothing gives me more joy than guiding, advocating for, and collaborating with my clients to produce results that exceed their highest expectations.”

Emotional Real Estate

What is emotional real estate you may be wondering?

It’s the part of real estate that no one talks about. It is the anxiety, the hard work, the in-between, the moving on, the letting go, and the changing of your current life situation.

When buying or selling a home it comes with so many emotions. I personally know what it feels like to be in this situation.

I want my clients to know they can open up to me with any worries or concerns. Every family is in a different situation, and each have their own set of challenges when house hunting or selling.

On the other end of emotional real estate is the happiness, joy, new beginning and the positive change. One step at a time we will get you to happiness.

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Client Reviews:

Kristine was helpful in supporting our relocation to Calgary. She provided us with plenty of options & areas that were within our price range. Would use Kristine again to buy or sell a home!

Tamara Locke





Real Estate in real language

Unless you are a seasoned homebuyer, a lawyer, or a contract writer, you are likely going to feel intimidated by the legalese associated with a Real Estate purchase or sale. I can guarantee that you are not the only one. In fact, most individuals involved in real estate transactions admit to a certain level faking competence when it comes to the paperwork.

No one should have to put on a false smile, fake understanding, or feel like they are being rushed through important documents. It is my promise and guarantee to you to take the unease out of real estate. My priority is to establish a strong, trusting relationship with you, and give you a safe space to ask any question, clarify any documentation that is confusing, use real language when explaining the multi-layer homebuying/selling process, and provide a figurative (or actual!) hand to hold if you have any anxiety.

You do not need to be an expert in real estate to buy or sell a house; that is my job. Your job is to feel comfortable brining your concerns, dreams, and questions to me so I can give you the confidence you need, the respect you deserve, and the smooth transaction you hope for.

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(204) 333-5186

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Located in Cochrane Alberta